About Us

Hello there, Welcome to mother2mother, the unique platform that caters for affordable kids/children items for ages 0-18 years.We identified problem mothers go through to either dispose or give out their kids stuffs which are of no use again to their children due to many reasons such as age, new model etc. 
We serve as an intermediary between the needy mothers and mothers that have children items that are barely used/new items that were bought and never used. We help in reducing waste, encourage giving, and making money back on the aforementioned by posting for free on our website 


Our main goal is to create a compassionate community that value Donations,Kindness,Unity and Money back. 
We envision that in the next couple of years in Nigeria, we will be able to reduce waste and encourage giving to the less privileged in terms of kids and maternity items, hence the features on the website.
DISCLAIMER: mother2mother.com.ng will not be responsible for any error/ignorance of the buyers/benefactors who do not ensure their own safety by meeting at an open place.